Is the cement tile suitable for my space?

Although we have all seen it and seen it on some old or new floor, it does not mean we are also familiar with this unique material

there are 5 parameters that you need to consider before choosing

There are many times when the large number of solutions and solutions given by the cement slab results in losing our destination which is a fitting choice of colors and designs

this is the reason why we always say that first we start with the colors after we choose style (minimal, geometric floral etc) and at the end we choose a pattern based on the previous

this process is the joy of our work and that is why we encourage our clients to learn how to make the best and most appropriate result

imperfection and uniqueness go together

our cement tiles are made of high quality standard materials and their manufacture is done with a method and effort that ensures the perfect technical result in each tile

or the mark of the tile is formed by the injection of the colored cement paste into the mold of each pattern

this process can not give the same tile a second time and so the stamp of the handmade

for us, the perfect combination is to make the tiles look good when they are on the floor, but their hand-crafted character looks like when we look at them

the cement slab needs care and attention as all floors of natural materials (wood, marble, cement mortar)

attention is paid to staying on the floor for a long time, stains that may be boiling (wine, coffee, oil) and likely to get tired of cleaning

care is defined in frequent cleaning with mild detergents (see maintenance instructions) and optionally applying wet wax at intervals of 2- 3 months by adding a lid to the mopping bucket

the floor of cement tiles is alive and is shaped by use

more attention is needed in the first time of use until it has the desired patina that will give it the silky texture and will make it virtually unaffected by deterioration


does not require special knowledge or technical skills to fit properly but we know well that building is the perfect place to make everything wrong!

this means that we have to pay attention to and follow instructions and prepare each stage of work properly

we consider it our duty to guide you with military discipline in the placement process always with responsibility so that you have a guaranteed result

our cooperation does not end when we deliver the tiles, we are always next to you until you finish your flooring and guide you in cooperation with your engineer or craftsman


Here’s the question!

time and use mature the tile and leave on it signs and a characteristic silky texture that we call it patina

the patina is the most permanent protection of the concrete slab and takes time to achieve it

it should not only be known, but it should be desirable as one of the main features of the cementitious slab


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